Faculty of Economics & Information Technology Systems

Faculty of Economics and Information Technology

Dean for IT

Dr Patrick Bwowe, PhD Bus Man (North West University), MBA (NMU), BA Hons (Unisa), BTech Admin (NMU), BA/Ed (Makerere University)

I take pleasure in welcoming you to the newly-formed Faculty of Economics and Information Technology Systems. 

Our Faculty derives its strength from its vision, of aspiring to be an intellectual technological and research hub for generating knowledge necessary for participation in the local and global environment. 

We take pride in being one of the faculties at Walter Sisulu University that is producing a new generation of highly-skilled and well-rounded graduates who are groomed to address complex societal challenges through the use of innovative learning and teaching, technology and research-based solutions. 

The Faculty consists of three departments:

Our programmes are tailored at focusing on a responsive curriculum, pedagogy and context that reflect inclusivity and are cognisant of African solutions.

I look forward, therefore, to welcoming into our midst entrepreneurial and inquisitive young minds that will contribute to knowledge generation and to the solution of problems and ills that confront our communities today. 

I am fully committed to assisting you with a smooth transition from school to university life. 

Once again, I welcome you and I feel proud of starting this journey together.