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Our modern society’s reliance on computing is exceptional, as is the speed at which computing technology is developing and changing.


Constant innovation and improvement in software performance and security are paramount. So too is the design and maintenance of our software and hardware systems. Career prospects for information technology graduates are excellent as the majority of businesses worldwide require personnel skilled in programming, systems analysis and design, and the management of computer resources.

Computing skills play an increasingly vital role in almost all occupations, and contribute to productivity gains, innovation and employment growth across all South African and international industries. This leads to exciting career opportunities. The industry is now taking a front-row seat in the development of innovative solutions to many of society’s most pressing issues. Many new jobs have been created in the past decade and the long-term career prospects for diplomates and graduates continue to strengthen.

The Business and Application Development Department offers a range of accredited ICT qualifications. These programmes are designed to give the learners a firm grounding in both fundamental and advanced principles, and to expose them to the practical and applied nature of the field of their choice. The department also offers an extensive range of short learning programmes to cater for generalist and professional developmental needs of the wider community it serves.

Vision of the Department

To contribute to the achievement of local, provincial and national goals of social and economic upliftment by being a leading provider of expertise in the field of Information and Communication Technologies through research, scholarship and innovation. 

Mission of the Department

The mission of the Department of Information Technology is to offer relevant, community-focused programmes and research in an innovative, developmental and accessible learning environment. It also aims at developing highly-skilled diplomates and graduates who are employable, entrepreneurial, and who will contribute towards sustainable development of the country.

Goals of the Department

To continually produce a critical mass of highly skilled ICT graduates through the promotion of scholarship in teaching and learning practices.  

To significantly contribute to the empowerment of the community and the society at large through innovation and the conduct and publication of quality applied research in ICT.

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