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Research at WSU

WSU is a multi-campus public university based in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Its four campuses (MthathaEast London, Butterworth and Komani) straddle rural and urban settings. 

This puts the University in a unique and advantageous position to undertake empirical research that grapples with the complexities of South Africa’s development challenges, specifically the development challenges in the Eastern Cape.

It is also partly why WSU promotes and supports engaged and relevant research, while not ignoring basic research that is aimed at theory-building.

Some of the University’s research has culminated in the development of innovative prototypes such as herbal teas, medical devices, agro-processing machinery and other path-breaking technologies.

Research Output

WSU has seen an upward trajectory in its overall publication output units over the past five years.

DRI is tasked with the annual compilation and audit of the University’s research output for submission to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

Such a report updates the government on the University’s contribution towards enriching South Africa’s science and innovation system and serves as evidence for the award of research subsidy to the University.

Research Output Count Guidelines

The following are the categories for research output eligible for DHET subsidy:

  • Articles in peer-reviewed DHET accredited journals
  • Peer-reviewed books (full length) and book chapters
  • Peer-reviewed published conference proceedings
  • Creative Research output (fine arts, music, patents, for example).

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Contact Numbers:
Mthatha: 047 502 2100
Butterworth: 047 401 6000
East London: 043 702 9200
Potsdam: 043 708 5200
Chiselhurst: 043 709 4000

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